The ultimate family-friendly party - reclaiming the spirit of the day year round!
  • Now in 7 cities & growing worldwide!
  • In 2015, Dublin & Philadelphia were added to our growing list of host cities.
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"To reclaim the true spirit of the day and to change the perception and experience of what St. Patrick's Day can be by providing family-friendly, alcohol free events that celebrate the depth of Irish culture, as well as year-round educational and cultural activities."
  • Sober St. Patrick’s Day® events provide a healthy and safe experience for family, friends & people in recovery. 
  • Celebrating the best in Irish entertainment in an alcohol-free setting.
  • Please note, we're not against people having a drink or two to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We're simply against people using St. Patrick's Day as an excuse to get drunk.
  • "Reclaim the true spirit of the day" and honor our heritage.
“This is precisely the kind of event that has been sorely lacking in New York for, oh, approximately 250 years or so.”  
Terry Golway, Irish Echo 

Sober St. Patrick's Day, Inc

Sober St. Patrick's Day, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has brought family-friendly events to both sides of the Atlantic for 5 years. 

We need YOUR help to continue the growth of this fabulous initiative. YOU can help us make that happen if you:
  • Are passionate about our cause.
  • Have some experience in soliciting sponsorships and donors.
  • Or, may be "connected" to Irish Communities in the US. 
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